Cancel order:

We allow you to cancel your order within 12 hours after you placed your order. In this case, if you want to cancel your order. Please contact us via email with your order information and the reason for wanting to cancel your order. The customer service will reply and cancel the order for you.


You will receive the item within 15 to 20 days of order. Below is our shipping policy. We invite you to readers to better understand.

1.1. Processing time Usually, we need 4-6 business days to prepare the items and there may be some delay during the shopping season.

1.2. Shipping time is different from country to country. As a flat shipping method, the delivery time will take 5-10 days.

Note: As you know, you have a tracking number but they still not shipping yet. To explain this case. We want to tell you about DHL. One of the ways of shipping in our store. Only the DHL is overloaded. DHL has accepted your order but they have not yet processed it. Could you please wait a few days. We make sure that your wait is worth it. You will receive the package then you expect.

Tracking number:

How can you track delivery?

The automatic tracking code will be emailed to you when you order after a few days. We will ship your order in many different forms.

Please check at the links:

* DHL Global tracking:


* USPS tracking:


* FedEx tracking:


Note: In the case, the time has passed but the tracking code has not been reported yet. Please contact us immediately via email support@acaxro.com